House Tour -- Spring 2013 -- Master Bathroom


About a month before I left for Rome, I photographed the entire house hoping to show you a house tour while I was gone, you the awkward silence than ensued wouldn't have happened. Seriously, it was more awkward around here than the 8th grade dance. At least my 8th grade dance. All the boys hung out on one side, and all the girls on the other for like the first 2.5 hours of the 3 hour long dance. By the time we all realized we were supposed to you know... dance.. the freakin' dance was over! Now that I think about it, I haven't grown since 8th grade (I'm 5'9") but I have put on like 30 pounds so I was tall and lanky and as awkward as they come. So there was probably no hope for me to bust a move anyways. Not now though, now.. I bust a move whenever I please. WHAT WHAT!!

So, sorry about the awkward silence and now I also apologize for the awkward story telling. Let's move on, shall we? :)

Okay, so I photographed the house and never showed you. So I'm going to be honest and say that some of the rooms you'll see this week have already changed. Some just a little, and some a lot. But that should come as no surprise because I like change and I'm sneaky like that.

I like to just paint/rearrange rooms when no one else is home (aka Aaron isn't home because the cats don't count) just for the fun of it. Also to make sure Aaron is paying attention. Gotta keep him on his toes. Muahahaha.

I also have another surprise for you guys!!
Aaron found a site that still had some of our MLS listing photos online!! So, I'm going to share those with the tour! That way you all can look at them and say "you are out of your mind. that house was disgusting. therefore you guys must like disgusting things and/or be disgusting yourselves." But then, you'll also see the pretty current (minus two months) photos and think "you guys are brilliant!! pure genius!! i see the light!! hallelujiah!!".  Why thank you, you're too kind. :)

Okay, here's the current photos of the master bathroom. Remember we did a complete remodel in this room back in November of last year? Then I added some accessories in January. I've only made a few changes since then, but I think they make all the difference! Like a fun shower curtain and some bright towels. :)

Welcome to my bathroom. Have a look around, aka walk in two steps and then back out because our bathroom is tiny. :) But we make it work!
Sorry about the poor lighting, I did my best!

And now, the before photo from the MLS listing.
Ps this photo doesnt show how every tile is cracked, the grout lines are uneven, the tub is like 3 inches deep (okay maybe 6). Plus everything is boring builder grade. So I think for our first big DIY, this bathroom turned out great and really upgraded the space!
Tomorrow I'm going to share the kitchen. :)
xx, Shannon 


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  1. The floors and the vanity are lovely! Are they true hardwood or tile that looks like hardwood?

    1. Thanks so much Lauren! :) They are actually tiles that look like wood planks! Awesome, right?! :)

    2. So awesome! So practical, yet you would really never know. I only guessed because it was in a bathroom!

  2. Beautiful bathroom! Ours is tiny like that, too. Love the floors, tiling in the shower, and the vanity.

  3. Love the tiles! They are like mini subway tiles, so cute!

  4. The only "before" pics I have of my house are the ones we took when we first toured it, so all the ugliness is mostly disguised. Very frustrating for bloggy purposes! But your bathroom is gorgeous! Totally drooling over those amazing floors!

    Kelly @ View Along the Way

  5. The wood tile is awesome! Where did you find that lovely vanity? I'm looking for one about that size for my powder room.

  6. Where did you get those tiles? They are gorgeous!!

  7. Wow what a nice change! What is the name of those floor tile? Is it Natural Timber Cinnamon?They are beautiful!

    1. Thank you! Yes, that's it!

  8. The end result looks awesome! The effort you spent on finishing this seems to have paid off. I can hardly recognize it from how it looked before. Kudos for the job well done! Cheers!

    Steve Beliveau @ First Class Inspections


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